Kindle Fire with Google Play

Kindle Fire tablets have been trying to compete with Apple and Android tablets, with 1 caveat–no app store.  This limits the functionality of the device.

You would think that since kindles are Android based, an app store would have been included, as functionality and usage are what a user needs.

Thanks to those at Tom’s Guide, there is a way to install the Google Play store on Kindles.  Apps can be downloaded to a kindle.

Here is the link for Tom’s Guide website, with the instructions:  Play Store on Kindle.

I have used the instructions for the older kindles as well as the newer ones, no problems.  A couple of times did require reinstalling.

We have kindles, our grand-kids have them, as well as other family members.  The added functionality is so helpful, bring learning apps and productivity.

Navigating the Courts of Heaven

Teaching by Robert Henderson on why some prayers remain unanswered. He addresses protocols and how to properly legislate in the courtroom of heaven.

Realize there is a conflict when we pray.  Where is this conflict?  The conflict we are in when we pray, is not a battle field, but a courtroom.  Protocols are different.  We behave differently on a battlefield than in a courtroom.

The backlash we feel when we pray is explained.  Information about this teaching found here: