Boys Rule

boys_toysAs long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with boys.  Not in the fashion you would imagine, though.

As the oldest daughter of 3 girls , I recall dad often being asked if he wished he had boys, or a boy.  Dad, would at time answer, saying that he loved us girls.    Other times, he would look at the person inquiring, and shrug them off or dismiss the question.  When my dad was asked if they were going to try for the boy, he would answer no.    The question, “do you wish you had a boy”, was however, asked quite often.  That  question always caused me to wonder, why were boys so special?

I feel I need to note that my dad did not ever demean the fact that he had daughters only.  I knew I was loved.

I did not  know, at that young age,  that in some cultures boys were valued more highly.  Nor did I understand the fact that a boy would carry on the family name.

I just surmised that boys must be special, in general.  I truly wondered what it would be like to be a boy.  I was fascinated by boys, men, especially my father, grandfathers, and uncles for that matter.  Their abilities, the way they carried themselves, their “matter-of-fact-ness”, their confidence, it all amazed me.  Those characteristics were not what I possessed.   I was timid, shy, and not so confident.

Boys also had cool toys.  I found this out when visiting my cousins.  Electric trains, erector sets, all kinds of toys I had never seen before.  I played with baby dolls, jump ropes, and jacks.

I determined, through my observations, that boys were ambitious, adventurous, and invincible.  They held all the cards…

In my mind…boys ruled.