Jackson Square New Orleans

IMG_0843042589I love taking pictures in New Orleans at any time of day, and I especially like the pictures in Jackson Square, with St. Louis Cathedral.  I happened to get a near perfect shot on this breezy sunny day after the Sugar Bowl, with the carriages and decorations for the Christmas Season!

Pop tabs replaced pull tabs

pull tabs and pop tabs
pull tab and pop tab cans

Today the picture of pull tabs appeared in social media, with the wording, “Do You Remember These”.

In short, yes I do.

And yes, this leads to another one of many somewhat embarrassing moments during those awkward teen age years.

The year was 1975 or 1976, I would have been a freshman or sophomore in high school.  At that time I was still quite shy, and found it quite difficult to introduce myself, or engage strangers in casual conversation.  This day in particular found me at a high school music competition in central Illinois.  I practiced my piece until totally confident, and did finally get over the initial nervousness of the competition.  I made my way to the canteen area where I decided to spend the bit of pocket money I had, on  a  can of soda.

I was handed a can with a top that was not known to me.  I slowly walked away from the counter, away from the crowd, and I settled on staring at that can, trying to understand how in the world to open it.

I must have been staring for quite some time.

As luck would have it, a boy that I met from a recent summer job, came walking over.  I do not recall how the conversation initially started, and I most certainly did not want to tip my hand, revealing the fact that I could not figure out something so simple.  You see, he was an upperclassman, quite intelligent, and he did find it quite easy to tease underclass women, like myself. It was inevitable.

Quite honestly… I wanted the soda.  Pride was put aside.

The unexpected happened.   I ended up conveying my dilemma.   He opened that pop top on the can, explaining how to do so, in a manner so matter of fact-ly, while injecting a bit of empathy. I remember being so surprised, and embarrassed at how easy it was to open, but at the same time, I marveled that the top itself stayed stuck to the inside of the can.

I was quite thankful for his assistance, that he recognized my embarrassment, and did not take advantage of the situation.

Today, after recalling the awkward situation, while researching the kinds of tops on cans, I found the following information:

“When the Sta-Tab launched in 1975, on Falls City beer and, quickly, other beverages, there was initial period of consumer testing and education (as soberly described by the New York Times in 1976: “New Yorkers are now faced with a new problem: how to open the new Stay-On-Tabs on Coca-Cola cans…”  (See the article entitled The Brilliant Redesign of the Soda Can Tab via @slate )

Did I know that New York’s entire population had the exact same problem?  No indeed.

 I had felt as though I was the only one in the world/the only one at the competition, that did not know how to open a simple can of coke.

The silver lining:  that high school boy was a gentleman, after all.

Twisted Oak Music Festival

Twisted Oak Music Festival - Baton Rouge
Twisted Oak Music Festival – Baton Rouge


The billed musicians were:  Wilder Janes, Dr. Espen Lilleslatten, John Madre Quartet, Amy Willison & Joy Bedillion, William Conlin, and Aureus Five.

This was a fabulous event.  The Shaw Center is on of the many magnificent venues here in Baton Rouge!.  The atmosphere could not have been better.  The anticipated and projected rain did move in, but did not daunt the spirit of those attending.

Artistry and music flowed.  Live After Five in downtown Baton Rouge precluded the Music festival and set the tone for a wonderful evening.

Thanks to those performing, and to those that planned the event!

Local publications that noted the event:

For highlights of the event, my photos:

Exploring My Backyard – Go Coast Louisiana

TV that explores the Treasures of the Gulf Coast
TV that explores the Treasures of the Gulf Coast

I have discovered a new series on LPB that I totally love.   It is billed as a show that is simply described, “ Life in Louisiana:  There is only One way to Live it“.  You must check out Go Coast Louisiana!  Host Tom Gregory has won an Emmy for this production, is honored for on camera talent.

The show is comfortable, honest, and genuine.

It does more that acquaint you with Louisiana, its cuisine, music, unique culture and scenery, it wraps you into the story, you feel as though you are participating in the excursion.  You WILL want to experience all that Louisiana holds dear.

I am excited to explore Louisiana again, places known and those missed.  What a fabulous way to learn about things right in your own back yard!  http://gocoast.tv/episodes/



Earthquake Game – LSU Death Valley

Death Valley, LSU Tiger stadium
Everyone is talking about the LSU and Auburn game, specifically the game that caused the earth to tremble, which indeed register on seismograph in 1988.

I cannot say that I was at the earthquake game , but I can attest that game day in the LSU stadium in like none other.

I first experienced LSU games in Death Valley with my sons.

LSU used to allow the boy scouts to act as ushers, assisting fans to their seats.  We worked our tails off, rain or shine, and did not have the opportunity to watch the game.   There were moments that caused the fans to pause, and breathing seemed to literally stop, due to the excitement.  These moments were felt by all .

The sound of cheering would reverberate, as roaring waves rippled  throughout the stadium.  People remained still, gripped by the events unfolding on the field.  We stood there, feeling the exhilaration of the moment.  Those of us working in the aisles, were able to turn around and behold what was happening in that moment.    The super charged atmosphere, felt like electricity, and raised the hair on the back of my neck.

There are events in my life, where I have been touched in a profound way.  Experiencing LSU football, in Death Valley, was–and is, an event in life that I will never forget!