Exploring My Backyard – Go Coast Louisiana

TV that explores the Treasures of the Gulf Coast
TV that explores the Treasures of the Gulf Coast

I have discovered a new series on LPB that I totally love.   It is billed as a show that is simply described, “ Life in Louisiana:  There is only One way to Live it“.  You must check out Go Coast Louisiana!  Host Tom Gregory has won an Emmy for this production, is honored for on camera talent.

The show is comfortable, honest, and genuine.

It does more that acquaint you with Louisiana, its cuisine, music, unique culture and scenery, it wraps you into the story, you feel as though you are participating in the excursion.  You WILL want to experience all that Louisiana holds dear.

I am excited to explore Louisiana again, places known and those missed.  What a fabulous way to learn about things right in your own back yard!  http://gocoast.tv/episodes/



Recycling – The Green Movement

Salvage Dawgs on DIY
One of my favorite DIY shows, Salvage Dawgs, on the DIY Channel.


In the last decade or so, recycling, and the green movement, have gained in popularity.  One would think this to be a novel idea.  In reality these practices have been used since the beginning of time.

Many in my generation have raised our families using hand me downs, shopping garage sales, thrift stores and auctions.  We know the pitfalls of mass production, the value in finding well crafted pieces, and one of a kind finds.

I remember my mom making over her dresses for us girls so that we would have a “new dress” for a special occasion.  She and my grandmothers would also sew us dresses and school clothes.  My grandmothers had bags of remnants from the sewing that they saved.  They would make patchwork quilts for us grandchildren, and also for our children.

When we received the quilts, we would be told would where each quilt patch came from.   I still have those quilts to this day, and they will be handed down to my sons.  I also have unused patchwork sections,  from grandmothers, and great-grandmothers, matted as works of art, and to remember them by.

I have endless memories of my experiences shopping off-retail, from a very young age.  The memories of these experiences will last a lifetime!

Those that believe reusing is a new fad, or is something brought back in vogue, by a generation that now cares about the environment, well, nothing could be farther from the truth.  To assume that we are a society of careless consumerism is untrue.  From clothes, furniture, household goods, building materials, magnificent jewelry, used cars, etc., recycling has always existed, is the way of life for many.

The only thing that tends to make its way to the landfill– is trash.  Rightly so!


White Wall Tires


My husband and I saw a Chevy Caprice on the way to church that had white wall tires.  Wow, you do not see these much these days!   We started talking about this fact, and, the fact that you only see them on classic cars.

Sodahead asked the same question–have whitewalls disappeared?

In our conversation I mentioned, that it seems to me that today’s cars either do not take advantage of this cool design element, or just do not look good with white walls.

Am curious.  Are there any modern cars, besides the mini and vdub’s, that would look fabulous with white wall tires?

I am searching pictures on line and do not see many images of current model cars and trucks with white walls of any size.  An online search found this some images, though is rather limited.   Some of the cars with white walls found are:   Chrysler 3000Saturn Sky, Thunderbird, PT Cruiser.

For those that do not know what white wall tires are – http://boulderman.hubpages.com/hub/Need-that-white-Wall-Tire-look-like-James-Dean-s-1949-Mercury

Interesting facts at Antique Automobile Club – http://forums.aaca.org/f169/white-walls-why-vs-why-not-303493.html

DIY, how to make your own – http://youtu.be/xkcm3rh60p0