Earthquake Game – LSU Death Valley

Death Valley, LSU Tiger stadium
Everyone is talking about the LSU and Auburn game, specifically the game that caused the earth to tremble, which indeed register on seismograph in 1988.

I cannot say that I was at the earthquake game , but I can attest that game day in the LSU stadium in like none other.

I first experienced LSU games in Death Valley with my sons.

LSU used to allow the boy scouts to act as ushers, assisting fans to their seats.  We worked our tails off, rain or shine, and did not have the opportunity to watch the game.   There were moments that caused the fans to pause, and breathing seemed to literally stop, due to the excitement.  These moments were felt by all .

The sound of cheering would reverberate, as roaring waves rippled  throughout the stadium.  People remained still, gripped by the events unfolding on the field.  We stood there, feeling the exhilaration of the moment.  Those of us working in the aisles, were able to turn around and behold what was happening in that moment.    The super charged atmosphere, felt like electricity, and raised the hair on the back of my neck.

There are events in my life, where I have been touched in a profound way.  Experiencing LSU football, in Death Valley, was–and is, an event in life that I will never forget!