Iphone 11 privacy issue

The newly released Apple iphone 11 has a serious location privacy flaw. It has been touted as the more secure operating system option, but Apple does not apply those controls to its own apps.

This flaw was discovered by security researcher Brian Krebs. He demoed the iphone and reported its issue in a video on his website.

It was revealed that the new iPhone 11 Pro seeks information about location, even when users have changed the device’s privacy settings to stop this from happening, i.e. setting locations services to “Never”. Apple initially dismissed the finding, but today the company has changed its position. Apple is warning users that the Ultra wideband chip is behind the background checks.

Apple further state that its next course of action will enable these background location checks to be disabled…in an upcoming iOS update. Some believe Apple should have come clean in the first place, as this raises suspicions with many who are protective of their privacy. Especially since Apple recently admitted it hired contractors to secretly listen to Siri audio recorded by owners’ iphones.

When Apple states on its own privacy page, that they believe privacy to be a fundamental human right, this issue and its handling does not portray Apple as being a company of transparency.

Steward Peck, of ZeroDayLab, also noted concerns, “depending on whether this is really being collected anonymously, could it be use by Apple to build a pattern of life, or behaviors, therefore going against their very own privacy policy?”

In the end, if you own an Iphone 11 Pro, you must completely disable location services in your settings, for privacy. You would then need to decide how and when to turn this function off and on for specific services. This, in the long run, will seriously cut your phone’s usability.

Apple stated that it will resolve this issue with an upcoming iOS update. Obviously this could have been resolved much earlier.

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