September 11th

World_Trade_CenterSeptember 11th, in many ways, is about work.  Those at the World Trade Center were working, as were many in America that day.   And like most, I  remember this day, and where I was at the time of the attack.

I was at work, when the announcement of the first plane flying into the World Trade Center was broadcast.   We were stunned and shocked at what was happening before our eyes.  When the announcement came, that a plane flew into the Pentagon, it became personal, as my brother-in-law was there.  I called my sister, to to find out where he was.  She had not heard the news, was busy getting sons ready for school.

As the day unfolded, we continued to monitor what was happening in our country, as did the rest of the world.

An article was published today, entitled Why 9/11 gives meaning to your work…from Penelope Trust, who was there at the World Trade Center.  She described her experience this day in 2001, the support going forward, and reflected upon the strength that we gain, from the work that we do.

On this day in 2001, my brother-in-law, and many others, “worked” to assist those in need.  Many this day did not fear what was happening around them, or shrink away, but jumped into action.  They were doing their jobs-but in mid stream of the normal routine, their “work” changed.   As Ms. Trust states, “work is that something else that makes us excited, engaged, and fulfilled.  It can be anything.”

Those that worked on September 11th, and in days that followed, inspired others through their efforts, and galvanized a nation.