When you think of winter in South Louisiana, does ice come to mind?

sleet in Baton RougeYesterday was the first time in the 32 years living here, that I have seen an entire day with icing conditions.  Usually we warm up over freezing, and the ice does not last.

Roads were closing all over the city, as many streets have elevated portions, going over canals, bayou’s and the like.

All in all, the day was interesting, listening to the reports of closures and conditions, while hearing the sleet hitting the windows of our building.  In the end, driving about town became like a puzzle or maze.   Who could come up with the path home, without encountering a road block.

It gives new meaning to the term “evacuation route”!


It’s that time of year–Album: A Baton Rouge Acoustic Christmas

http://abatonrougeacousticchristmas.bandcamp.com/  Click on over to the site noted above, to preview and purchase a Christmas album that has become a recent favorite for many.

The album is uniquely arranged and performed by graduates of the LSU School of Music, instrumentalists from local bands, and some of Baton Rouge’s most talented and unique singer-songwriters.  Artists from the Baton Rouge area include:  Jacob, Zachary, Luke Ash, Peter Simon, Ben Herrington, Ryan Harris, Joel Willson, Amy Willson, David Melancon, Robert Kling, Melissa Wilson, Jonathan Alcon.

A Baton Rouge Acoustic Christmas

One of the new songs, entitled “Shiny Things” as performed locally, can be found on the YouTube link:   http://youtu.be/y65Gcp7kkO8 

Produced by Ben Harrington, this album was recorded as a gift to the artists friends and families during November and December of 2011.   In 2012 the album was made available via online distribution sites noted below.  Make it part of your repertoire this holiday season!



Twisted Oak Music Festival

Twisted Oak Music Festival - Baton Rouge
Twisted Oak Music Festival – Baton Rouge


The billed musicians were:  Wilder Janes, Dr. Espen Lilleslatten, John Madre Quartet, Amy Willison & Joy Bedillion, William Conlin, and Aureus Five.

This was a fabulous event.  The Shaw Center is on of the many magnificent venues here in Baton Rouge!.  The atmosphere could not have been better.  The anticipated and projected rain did move in, but did not daunt the spirit of those attending.

Artistry and music flowed.  Live After Five in downtown Baton Rouge precluded the Music festival and set the tone for a wonderful evening.

Thanks to those performing, and to those that planned the event!

Local publications that noted the event:

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