Jackson Square New Orleans

IMG_0843042589I love taking pictures in New Orleans at any time of day, and I especially like the pictures in Jackson Square, with St. Louis Cathedral.  I happened to get a near perfect shot on this breezy sunny day after the Sugar Bowl, with the carriages and decorations for the Christmas Season!

The Kupcake Factory

kupcake_factoryCupcakes.  All the rage.  Food Network’s Cupcake  Wars is a show touting them. Cupcake shops are springing up everywhere.

I like cake, though pies are my preference, and cupcakes are further down my list, when I want something sweet.

This shop changed my mind.

We were in New Orleans with family, and happened by this shop, at their new location, 537 Toulouse Street in the French Quarter.

We sampled lemon raspberry, very berry blueberry, and a samoa cupcake.  All were simply fabulous!

These cakes were shared by all, savored, but devoured within minutes!

devouring kupcakes