When you think of winter in South Louisiana, does ice come to mind?

sleet in Baton RougeYesterday was the first time in the 32 years living here, that I have seen an entire day with icing conditions.  Usually we warm up over freezing, and the ice does not last.

Roads were closing all over the city, as many streets have elevated portions, going over canals, bayou’s and the like.

All in all, the day was interesting, listening to the reports of closures and conditions, while hearing the sleet hitting the windows of our building.  In the end, driving about town became like a puzzle or maze.   Who could come up with the path home, without encountering a road block.

It gives new meaning to the term “evacuation route”!


Pastalaya – pas-ta-Li’-yah


Pastalaya, is an adaptation of the  uniquely Louisiana Creole dish, jambalaya (juhm-buh-Li’-yah),  made with pasta instead of rice.  Any kind of pasta will do.  It is one of those dishes you make, that cannot go wrong.

You start with any meat that you have on hand, or left over, add the trinity of vegetables– onions, celery, bell pepper sauteed, add fresh or canned tomatoes, mushrooms and what-not, and lastly, however much seasoning you like.  The seasoning starts with garlic, salt, black and cayenne pepper,  with as much hot sauce as you or your family can stand.  Additional spices can include bay leaves, parsley, Worcestershire sauce, and kitchen bouquet.  Dress it with cheese, chopped parsley or cilantro, peppers, jalapenos and voila!

The pasta will take on all the fantastic flavors of the meat, veges, and seasoning–a perfect substitute for those family members that have an aversion to rice, and can be served hot or cold.

Exploring My Backyard – Go Coast Louisiana

TV that explores the Treasures of the Gulf Coast
TV that explores the Treasures of the Gulf Coast

I have discovered a new series on LPB that I totally love.   It is billed as a show that is simply described, “ Life in Louisiana:  There is only One way to Live it“.  You must check out Go Coast Louisiana!  Host Tom Gregory has won an Emmy for this production, is honored for on camera talent.

The show is comfortable, honest, and genuine.

It does more that acquaint you with Louisiana, its cuisine, music, unique culture and scenery, it wraps you into the story, you feel as though you are participating in the excursion.  You WILL want to experience all that Louisiana holds dear.

I am excited to explore Louisiana again, places known and those missed.  What a fabulous way to learn about things right in your own back yard!  http://gocoast.tv/episodes/