Portable Air Purifiers

If you have family members with allergies, you understand the need for pure indoor air.

Air inside a home might be 2 to 5 times more contaminated with pollutants than outdoor air.

All air purifiers are not alike. CADR is the rating given by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers. This rating represents how well an air purifier actually works.

The right type of filters, including HEPA, is key, along with fans to cycle the air through these filters. Also important is that the unit can acommodate the right sized room.

The full review noted indicated 2 units, reasonably priced–quite amazing. These 2 brands are Winnix and Coway. I found the Winnix unit at my local Costco. It has been amazing. Best feature, amazinly quiet. The replacement filters are on Amazon.

Read the review here:

https://www.reviews.com/air-purifier/ air purifier review 2018

8 different units were tested in 2018. Prevously in 2017, 85 units were tested. The Winnix and Coway brands outperformed major known brands.