White Wall Tires


My husband and I saw a Chevy Caprice on the way to church that had white wall tires.  Wow, you do not see these much these days!   We started talking about this fact, and, the fact that you only see them on classic cars.

Sodahead asked the same question–have whitewalls disappeared?

In our conversation I mentioned, that it seems to me that today’s cars either do not take advantage of this cool design element, or just do not look good with white walls.

Am curious.  Are there any modern cars, besides the mini and vdub’s, that would look fabulous with white wall tires?

I am searching pictures on line and do not see many images of current model cars and trucks with white walls of any size.  An online search found this some images, though is rather limited.   Some of the cars with white walls found are:   Chrysler 3000Saturn Sky, Thunderbird, PT Cruiser.

For those that do not know what white wall tires are – http://boulderman.hubpages.com/hub/Need-that-white-Wall-Tire-look-like-James-Dean-s-1949-Mercury

Interesting facts at Antique Automobile Club – http://forums.aaca.org/f169/white-walls-why-vs-why-not-303493.html

DIY, how to make your own – http://youtu.be/xkcm3rh60p0